Windrobo Takes Center Stage at the Colombian Drone Summit 2023

Date: 15/11/2023

Windrobo was present at the Drone Summit fair in Colombia. Drone Summit, hosted in Medellín, is a drone fair where knowledge, learning, and entertainment revolve around drone technology. It is a place where various sectors such as agriculture, security, cleaning service, drone entertainment, and rescue come together to improve their processes through the integration of drone tech.

The event provided a unique opportunity for Windrobo to demonstrate its latest technological advancements and to interact with other pioneers in the field. With exhibitions, academic agendas, demonstrations, and networking opportunities, Windrobo engaged with experts and enthusiasts alike, exploring business opportunities and experiencing vanguard technology as well as drone innovation. During the event our CEO Jhon Arias had an interesting talk with VOTIX CEO Edwin Sanchez, recent winner in GENIUS NY, who highlights the potential that the company has and how together can create a great partnership.

This significant event has been pivotal for Windrobo, allowing them to solidify their presence within the drone industry. The Summit proved to be an excellent platform for Windrobo to connect with other companies, ranging from service providers to developers and innovators in sectors like agriculture, energy, and environmental management.

The Drone Summit was not only a space for showcasing products but also a hub for cultivating relationships and sharing knowledge, with an emphasis on industry growth and the enhancement of drone applications across various sectors. Also, the event was a good opportunity to recruit amazing talent from the UPB (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana) and create new relations for future roles in the company which is such a great institution.

For those interested in more detailed coverage of Windrobo participation and other advancements presented at the Drone Summit, staying connected with updates from the event official channels could provide in-depth insights into the evolving drone systems.

Date: 15/10/2023

An important milestone just happened, and we are excited to share. Now Windrobo and Ikaro Drones Colombia have made an alliance. Ikaro Drones is an important company in the agricultural sector for drones which is revolutionizing with their capabilities and performance in the agricultural fields. This partnership is born from a shared vision of innovation and excellence in the realm of aerial vehicles.

Ikaro Drones brings to the table its stellar reputation for high-quality drone service, a testament to years of mastering the art of drone fumigation. Their drones are celebrated for their durability and precision, trusted by professionals across the entire sector.

The fusion of Windrobo robotic excellence and Ikaro manufacturing expertise promises to push the boundaries of what is possible in drone technology. This partnership highlights our commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet the global needs for skyscraper cleaning.

Stay tuned to our news as we continue to cover this thrilling journey, bringing you the latest updates from the Windrobo and Ikaro alliance that promises a new era for aerial technology.

Windrobo Announces Strategic Alliance with Ikaro Drones

In the context of swarm drone applications, particularly in tasks like cleaning skyscrapers, the importance of drone orchestration services cannot be overstated. Imagine a fleet of drones equipped with robotic arms, seamlessly coordinated through Votix's orchestration platform. These drones efficiently navigate complex urban landscapes, reaching heights and corners that are otherwise challenging for traditional cleaning methods. With precision and agility, they tackle maintenance tasks, significantly reducing human risk and enhancing overall productivity.

The utilization of advanced sensors such as lidar, depth cameras, and proximity sensors further augments the capabilities of this orchestration platform. These sensors provide crucial data on surroundings, enabling drones to navigate with precision and avoid obstacles autonomously. For instance, lidar facilitates accurate mapping of the environment, while depth cameras assist in spatial awareness, and proximity sensors ensure safe distances from structures and other drones.

Windrobo Integrates Drone Orchestration Services of Votix

The integration of Votix's online services for drone orchestration and automation marks a significant stride forward in the realm of aerial technology. This integration not only streamlines operational efficiency but also enhances safety measures, a critical aspect in compliance with regulations such as those stipulated by the FAA.

One pivotal aspect is the implementation of a robust Command and Control (C2) link service. This service ensures secure and reliable communication between ground control stations and drones, mitigating the risk of signal interference or loss. Such measures are paramount for adhering to FAA regulations, which prioritize the safety of airspace and the surrounding environment.

In essence, the integration of Votix's online services not only revolutionizes drone operations but also sets a new standard for safety, efficiency, and innovation in the rapidly evolving landscape of aerial technology.

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