About us

About us

The risk a person runs while cleaning skyscraper windows is extremely high, and despite this, there’s no safer alternative today. Many have tried, but no one has been able to accomplish this in a precise, fast and reliable way, or without adding several disadvantages and limitations to its operation. 

As a result, the Windrobo team is developing a specialized drone with an attached robotic arm, that would allow us to provide better, safer, easier, and faster cleaning and maintenance of high-rise buildings. This system is aimed to be a cornerstone of the ever growing technological cleaning service provided by Windrobo.

Who are we?

We are a group of talented engineers who truly believe in the future of automation, and the impact it can have in the global cleaning services market. We integrate technologies such as robotic arms, artificial intelligence, UAVs, Robot Operating System (ROS), Gazebo simulation, embedded systems, precision sensors, 3D printing, PX4 autopilot, custom PCBs, photogrammetry, among others, in order to create an aerial manipulator that not only can clean skyscraper windows, but is able to continuously grow its systems capabilities with new tools attached to it.


Create the best building cleaning service that revolutionizes the way high-rise windows are maintained, by developing a custom aerial manipulator that provides not only safer and exceptional cleaning but also easier maintenance procedures for skyscraper glass facades.


To become a world leader in skyscraper cleaning and maintenance services through the use of emerging technologies in automation, aiming to mitigate hazards associated with high-risk jobs.

Know our team

 Our CEOs and talented engineers are:

Jhon Arias

CEO and Founder.

Bachelor degree in Business Administration. Entrepreneurial Expertise and leadership.

He is also Founder of JA Maintenance Company.

Doris Ospina

CEO and Founder.

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration Entrepreneurial Expertise and Operational Business Manager.

Co-founder of JA Maintenance Company.

Artur Mosquera Mykh

Chief Technology Officer

MSc Industrial Control | Mechatronics Engineer | Robotics | ROS 2 | Artificial Vision | Control Systems | UAVs | Python programming.

Javier Herrera

Bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering | Robotics Engineer | ROS2 | Python Programming | Machine Learning for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization | Lightweight Structural Designer | CAD Specialist | UAS Pilot | Aerospace Professor.

Julian Mauricio Garcia

Bachelor in Aeronautical Engineer from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana Aircraft design | Aerial SfM photogrammetry for topographic studies, marine life monitoring and infrastructure inspection | Research in aerial transportation ergonomics | Certified UAV operator.

Juan Carlos Tique

Electronic Engineer

BS.c. In Electronic Engineering. Knowledge in Robotics systems, ROS, Embedded systems and with more than 3 years of industry experience in Electronics, programming and Control Systems. Current MS.c. student in Electrical Engineering with focus on UAV and UGV systems.

Jose Daniel López

Bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering with experience in 3D parametric design, UAV designer, electronics, and programming. CAD Engineer | SolidWorks| NX | UAV | Robotics.

Wilson Torres

Industrial Mechanical Technician.

50 years expertise in designing, installing and manufacturing production equipment.

Miguel Rodriguez

Driver & Logistics Manager.

20 years expertise in business management

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